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Lose 4-8 inches after your first wrap (*Results vary)


  •  What is the Body Gel?

  •      The Body Gel is a proven, all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. It will slenderize and contour your body shape in only 60 minutes. The Body Gel produces therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins in addition to reducing inches. 

  •  Does the Body Gel have therapeutic properties?

  •       Yes! In fact, our Body Gel is very popular with massage therapists and chiropractors for that very reason. Many people have used our Body Gels to relieve pain due to injury and illness. In addition, the Body Gels improve your overall health by DETOXIFYING the body. 

  •  Can I do the gel application myself, or do I need help? 

  •      We recommend you apply the gel yourself, which is so simple and provides great results. The body gel is so easy to do that you do NOT need any help from others . The majority of our clients have EASILY performed the gel applications on themselves with no help from anyone else. 

  •  I've tried a body gel before with no results. Will your product work for me? 

  •      Our body gel is completely different from any of the other body gels that are currently on the market. Many people are amazed at the results they have received from our Body Gel when they have tried numerous other gels with little or no results. Remember, this Body Gel has been used effectively by thousands of people.

  • Quickly Target Fat and Cellulite Deposits:  Just apply Xtreme Wrap Body Gel directly to your abs, thighs, or wherever you want to shrink fat, cellulite, stretch marks, or old scars!

  • Guaranteed Results in Just 60 Minutes or Less: For best results, you really want to leave Xtreme Wrap Body Gel on the targeted area(s) for 24 hours but you will begin to see “Noticeable” results in just 1 hour or less!

  • Cheaper and More Effective: Compared with herbal body wraps, Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is much less expensive because you only apply the gel to your target areas—so none is wasted unlike Body Wraps where most of the product is wasted!

  • It’s simple: Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is faster, less expensive, and far more convenient and effective than most body wraps on the market today.  For as little as $8.95 per wrap!  

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