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OUR Story


Stoltzfus' Health has been in business over 45 years. Our team has consisted of  Naturopathic Doctors,  Nutritionists and reflexologists.   We have helped over 30,000  clients over the years with Weight-loss, HGH Anti-Aging, Cancer & Cardio education, Hormone imbalances, better sleep, and our Bemer units for energy and performance.


 Our goal is to teach people how to create a healthy "lifestyle", by showing clients how to eat, getting a hereditary screening to test for genetic cancer or cardio risk in your family (at no cost to you - if you qualify ).   Let us share our wealth of knowledge with you and get started today on your new healthy lifesyle!  Don't wait!   Contact us today 717-687-6376 or 


Want to learn more info on our NO COST  Screenings ?

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Philippians 4:13  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" 

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