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Testosterone builds and strengthens bone and muscle. Optimal levels of testosterone are essential for the body to work properly. Men's Hormone may help with the following: increased energy, increased endurance, increased stamina, increased muscle strength, increased blood circulation, improved libido, help with sexual dysfunction, regular blood pressure, hypertensive- vascular effects, boosting metabolism, promoting mental clarity and mood, promoting hair growth, anti-aging, and speedy recovery from injury, stress, and surgeries. 2-4 droppers of Men's Hormone may help to increase testosterone in the body.

Men's Hormone Product- Buy 3 get 1 Free

SKU: 0004
  • As most men age, their bodies undergo various changes, if not supplied with proper nutrition. When men experience lowered amounts of testosterone, many things can begin to manifest; muscle weakening, loss of sexual drive and performance, bones become less dense and more prone to fracture, decreased energy, lowered metabolism and increased body fat. Our Men's Hormone product may help with increased energy, increased endurance, increased stamina, improved libido, and many more benefits

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