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Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is created with a clear understanding of problems most people face during and after they lose inches. It fills in the void other alternatives, especially herbal body wraps, leave out.Three qualities that distinguish this product include:
Targeted - Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is topically applied specifically on your problem areas mainly abs, gluts, arms, thighs or any area where you want to target!
Comfort and Convenient - Leave Xtreme Wrap Body Gel on the targeted area for 1 to 24 hours, and simply rinse with water and soap. You can continue with your day to day activities, or even sleep without any risks.
Cost-Effective : Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is highly cost-effective in comparison to alternatives such as herbal wraps. You only apply the gel to your target area and save needless waste of product.
Due to its controlled and targeted action, most people may actually see a visible difference in the least possible time.

Body Gel Wraps $79.95 per jar (buy 3 jars, get 1 free jar)

SKU: 0001
  • Lose Inches and Tighten Loose Skin with Xtreme Wrap Body Gel Targeted: Just apply Xtreme Wrap Body Gel directly to your abs, thighs, gluts, arms, or wherever you want  !Simple and Convenient to Use: After leaving Xtreme Wrap Body Gel on the targeted area(s) for 1 to 24 hours  (yes, you can sleep with the gel on!), simply rinse with soap and water! Cheaper and More Effective: Compared with herbal body wraps, Xtreme Wrap Body Gel is much less expensive because you only apply the gel to your target area—so none is wasted unlike Body Wraps where most of the product is wasted!    

    The Body Sculpting Secret Revealed- 14 Natural Ingredients at Work. 

    No hidden secrets, no health risks. We want to make you educated on our products! 

    Natural Vegetable Glycerin- Used as an emulsifier. Natural vegetable glycerin also delivers a large amount of moisture directly to the skin, creating a long lasting, soft, healthy and hydrated appearance.


    Niacin- Used to improve skin tone, texture and correct dark spots from hyper-pigmentation. Niacin brightens and balances the appearance of the skin.

    Guar Gum- Used as a natural botanical thickener and helps normalize the skins moisture content.

    Capsicum Extract- Used to relieve minor aches and pains of muscle and joints. Also used to increase blood circulation close to the skin surface and may help remove toxins in pores and just beneath skin.

    Rosemary Oil-Used to revitalize congested and dull looking skin. Rosemary oil is also beneficial for soothing acne.

    Clove Bud Oil- Used to energize and stimulate circulation, bringing blood flow close to the skin surface. Clove oil is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants of all known fruits. It is used for repairing sun, acne, and free radical damaged to the skin.

    Lavender Oil-Used to heal acne wounds, cuts, burns and skin disorders, psoriasis and eczema. Used to calm and tone skin and deliver a refreshed healthy glow.

    Cinnamon Extract- Used to deliver a warming effect and helps open pores, increasing the amount of nutrients your skin is able to receive

    Resveratrol-Used as an antioxidant, which helps lighten dark spots, creating an overall improved complexion. As an anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce swelling from acne or other skin irritations.

    Aloe Vera- Used to detoxify the pores and quickly heal skin. Aloe also contains essential oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

    Coconut Water- Coconut water is used for healing acne marks, blackheads, relief of active complexion problems, and toning skin.

    Proprietary Blend Monatomic Minerals- Delivering monatomic minerals to the skin helps improve skin health, complexion, as well as helping regulate the skin's natural pH.

    Oils- Used to deliver maximum moisture, improve elasticity, while creating soft, healthy skin with a beautiful glow.

    Herbs-A proprietary blend of herbs that, while beneficial on their own, are also used to enhance the potency and effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula.

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